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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Green & Yellow Theme

I was dumbfounded when my sister in law called and told me there is an order for cakes with a green and yellow theme. I normally have people calling and told me they want either pink or blue. Those are the favourite wedding colour theme. This mus due to the softness of the colour and it quite easy to find wedding materials with that sort of a colour.
She asked, " Is it hard to make?" Well, I said I try my best.
The problem with making wedding cakes or any cakes is that, not only baking and decorating but choosing the right decoration for that particular wedding is one of the thing you need to consider. That is the reason, wherever I go i have to have my eyes widely open to look for decoration items and idea. So, those who think, baking cakes just just baking, think again.
This is a simple 3 tier cakes and I have decorated them with silk flowers and some green and yellow butterflies. I just love the butterflies but I have no choice but to use them to complement the cake theme..I thought I can get the butterflies back but it was as hit with the children. So, I think from then onwards, I will charge for the decorations items too, otherwise how do I earn enough?