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Monday, November 19, 2007

Which One?

I am married so I would not have the chance to pick which type of cakes . But which one do you all prefer as your wedding centrepiece? Cupcakes or Traditional 3 tier cakes? I would say it depends on how many guest I would like to have. Cupcakes are suitable for about 100-200 guest, unless you don't mind to order 500-700 cupcakes for each of your guest. It's quite a large number and will cost more than traditional 3 tier wedding cakes.
But I do agree if you say, it's the trend to have cupcakes now and it's easier to distribute. Cupcakes price ranges from RM2-4.50 ( USD1.00) depending on the flavour and design.But why not?

I had 3 tier wedding cakes with maroon theme as my wedding theme colours are maroon and gold. I do love my wedding cakes but I only managed to get a piece. Wedding cakes are sought after in every wedding. Who doesn't like to eat cake especially wedding cake with fondant icing. the children love the sweet fondant icing. No matter what people said, I still love traditional fruit cake. So during my wedding, I have three flavour of cakes, Butter, Butter Walnut and Fruit. I am glad that my cake maker was able to accommodate my request. I paid RM350 (USD103) for my cakes and that was three years back. With the increase in flour,butter,eggs, almost everything, I don't think I can still get the same price. In fact my cakes was just a simple one, no frills, no embroidery as she doesn't know how to make all that. So, I dare to say to get a 3 tier cakes simple decorated cake now can easily rub you a handsome RM400-450 (USD130) depending on the flavour and size that you choose. More details work require more time so expect an addition of RM50-RM100 (USD30) for the art.

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