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Monday, February 25, 2008

Faces Theme Cupcakes For Children Party

I had three different versions of faces theme cupcakes so far. I will sure add more in the future. It's fun making these faces but a very time consuming task. The first one was ordered by Susan. She ordered them for mother's day celebration last year. The second was for my niece just to cheer her up after a week long of hospital admission. The recent one was ordered by Celine.

Celine wants some elmo theme cupcakes for her son Christian Marc but I have not drawn elmo before and with the limited time that I have (while waiting to give birth anytime) I dare not promise that I will make her a special elmo cakes. I can only promise her to make faces theme. The day before I was supposed to decorate her cupcakes, went for my clinic appointment, I was actually nervous that I can't make this order on time. I even dreamt about making her cupcakes the night before. My blood pressure was slightly high during the visit and I know this is the reason. I have to change the decoration to using fondant as I know I will not have the energy to use so many colour. It will take a lot of energy to decorate cakes with so many colours. I have to change the tip and wash it few times. That morning, I woke up at three and could not even sleep until six in the morning. I started everything at six in the morning and only finish with all the work by almost one in the afternoon. The cupcakes are ready for delivery by four in the evening. apart from that I was decorating some belated valentine's order. What a tiring day but I think I had enough work prior labor. I am resting now and will continue this decorating work in April.

Check celine's blog about it here. I am so thankful that she and the birthday boy like it.

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Fiona said...

Wow ! I love ur faces theme cupcakes . Especially the one u bake for Susan ...