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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Still Thinking About It

My friend suggested that I sell my cakes online. Is there any online cakes shop in Sabah? So far, I have not found any. The idea made me think. Selling online means I need to have my own website. I need to have somebody design my shop layout. May be I need to pay for hosting and domain too. Other than that, I need somebody to maintain my shop. Take order and do other things. What else I need to do? Bake cakes and may be I need to think seriously about delivery. I do not have a shop and most people now like a home delivery services. Can I handle that? I need to find a permanent delivery boy. I do have a part time delivery boy right now but if my business is getting more publicity, I can’t depend on a part time worker. I also need more space and more time to bake. Although I have found Ashop Commerce, which I think will help me in setting up my business, I am still not sure. Oh! Ya, In case some of you are ready, do check their ecommerce software. Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software. It offers a complete solution for merchants to sell online. They do have a shopping cart feature, which I think will make your website more attractive and bring conveniences for people to order more than one cakes. Let me sleep over this idea and update you in a few months time. Do you think I should?


Sweetiepie said...

it's agood idea to sell online.Last year i tried to find a bakery store that sell online but couldn't find one.Go for it.If you setup one i will buy from you.:)

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

i think there's one or two from malaysia selling online.they sell cake lapis..i am not ready la marcia..may be in 5-10 years time..still need to learn..but thanks for the suuport friend!

Julian said...

i can support you by building your website.... my wages, just free cakes from you hahahahahah

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

wow..good offer Julian..i dunno but lately i've been thinking about this quite often and then here you are...good sign ha..well, no problem ba free cakes tu..

allthingspurple said...

i know a guy who is really good, cheapspider. he is freaking cheap and he worked in the states a good many years before coming back..give me an email okay if u are interested? my email is

and heck,,i might as well give u his number right now...012 327920.just tell him that Christene from Mastery refers you