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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Do Something Different During Your Wedding

White and Purple Theme wedding cupcake.
You can choose the same design with your own colour preference. Let us do the magic for you

If you plan to be different during your wedding, I would suggest you to either

1. Give a cupcake as a wedding giveaway instead of other souvenir


2. Add a cupcake as a dessert during your wedding reception.

When you pick number one, we will make a customized wedding cupcakes just for you and your partner. We can even add both your initial on the cupcakes.( p.s Thank you to Jehan for the bright Idea) . We will also pack the cupcakes individually for easy distribution.

For number two, you can make the arrangement with the Hotel or Restaurant Manager where you plan to have your wedding reception. Tell them that you want to serve a pre-order cupcakes for the last dessert.( You can cancel their dessert and change it with coffee and tea instead) This will be a perfect and memorable way to close a wedding ceremony/reception. What can beat a cup of coffee with this mouth watering cupcake? Please make sure you print it on the menu to avoid people leaving your reception before the dessert is served. I am sure everybody will look forward to receiving their share. (p.s Just make sure your ceremony is well time ya, otherwise nothing will make them stay)

We will come up with more design. Keep visiting this blog or you can also hop here

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Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Wow!! I missed out on your lovely posts!! Liked your wedding concept a lot!!