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Monday, April 21, 2008

Cake for YURI

Lily sms me to request a special cake for her soon to be 1 year old

She sent me two picture of her cake design request. I saw a big 1 on the cake. It doesnt leave any space for me to work. So, I sms Lily and asked her permission to make a smaller 1. She said ok. then she sms she hopes the cake will be nice,colourful and she can't wait to have the cake. She said she wants her son's cake to be special. Can I fulfill her request?

We delivered Yuri's cake in the afternoon of 13th April 2008

Around 9 .20 pm I received a text messages from her : "What a creative cake..Everybody is surprised when they saw the lovely n so special but the cake seems a bit dry..but overall ok". ( I put the cake in the fridge prior to delivery)

Then she added: "Yuri is very happy today. besides Yuri, the cake was the 2nd staring today.."

This is just a simple cake i decorated but I am happy to make Yuri mission is complete.


Lily said...

OMG! I didn't realized that you have put Yuri's 1st birthday cake in your blog. Anyway, thanks a lot! I remembered I promised to send you Yuri's photos but finally I didn't. I am going to sent you soon even he is no longer 1 year old. (He is now 16 months and can speak out many many words, of course there is a word that he know very well, that is "CAKE"....

Pauline said...

The cake is so cute!! I'm sure my good friend, Lily will order from you again. Cheers!!

Usagi81 said...

wah!! so cute... do you have any latest cakes design?