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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day Cake

We only took a few order for father's day as we are busy with Abigail's wedding cupcake. Sandra asked me what is the theme or decoration for father's day and I replied, I don't know yet. Finally, my sister brought her creativuty out and here are mini cars and petrol pump - theme choices has to go with the current petrol hike huh!

A request by shirley to make a football theme cake


Val Aziz said...

waht can i say..u guys r really creative..cheers!

Sandra@miabambina said...

As usual your cake is yummy and love the decoration.
And Maya loves to eat all the decorations , I hope she doesn't get sugar rush after that. LOL. So I limit her to at just one decoration per day, first the car then the pump hahaa.
too much sugar in one day. hehehe
And she said is LATO as for chocolato , and when I open your blog, she will be excited and said TORTAAAAAA ( means cake ) heheh she recognize the cakes already

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osindak said...

dena!!! nanti ko buat cake si ted yang ada kereta kicik tu kio.. eeehhh so cute ohhh!! LOL macam sia inda sabar lagi birthday dia next year! hehehe