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Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Interesting birthday from now on..

When My brother saw this cake, he asked me, " Dia punya anak goalkeeper ka ni?" I answered " Why you said that? then he said, "Mana ada nombor satu. wah, sama la saya nie..Manchester punya fan" ha ha ha..

When Adele asked me to make a football theme cake for her boy and told me she name her boy Wayne Aston, I am quick to tell her I am not a fan of football and not sure I can deliver up to her expectation. When I received her email, I felt happy. I thank you for trusting me to bake and decorate your one year old boy cake

Dear Deana,

Thank you so much for the cake.....everybody yang datang was amazed to see the cake and those yang peminat football was speechless. But when the guest saw the cup cakes semua pun say its too cute to eat. I keep a few still in my fridge. My son loves the dinosaur. Thanks a lot. Luckily I came across your blog kalau tidak I would just order from the ordinary cake shop. My husband was really exited about the Jersey-Cake. Everybody yang datang he showed the cake to them. Thank you again.

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Fiona said...

Hi Deana .. ur cakes really make me weak in the knees and melts my heart too! Just to inform u earlier I would like to place an order this Aug for my piggy boy birthday .. can u make custom made cake? hehe ...

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

u make beautiful cakes! great job! :)

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