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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Change of heart

I have to admit that I don't quite like purple. My wedding colour theme was maroon and gold, very strong colour combination. I am not sure if it reflect ones ' personality, may be. I know pink, blue and purple are chosen by many couples as their wedding colour theme. There are sweet colour and I have nothing against those colours but may be just not for me back then. If I would to choose a colour theme now, I will go for green and people do change their colour preference..

I change my heart last Friday while decorating a cake and 100 cupcakes for Derek & Charissa. I love the tones of purple used especially on the cake. I love the details on the board of the cake. Quite tedious to make but for one cake I don't mind spending few hours doing the details.

Thanks guys for the opportunity..

Having a to decorate a board of a cake takes extra time and effort but the work worth it

More pictures at my Facebook..

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