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Friday, January 2, 2009

Decorating Help

Happy New Year again...

It's time for a new resolutions. I have achieved most of my 2008 resolutions. That is why I am happy to add more resolutions this year.

One of them is to produce more interesting cakes, contemporary as this blog of mine said.

Seconds, to have more ready made decoration items for those interested to bake but are too busy to make their own decoration items. Please email if you are interested in any of our previous flower designs.

Third is to start a small class in baking or decorating. I would love to teach younger kids to bake, to give them a glimps of what happen in the kitchen.

To go international...well, wish me all the best and thank you for all the support

Butterfly, Embossed and Coloured RM1 each, Embossed only RM0.60 each

Flip Flops RM15/ 10 pairs

Ready made Fondant for sale..

White : RM25/kg
Coloured : RM30/kg

Calla Lily Flower RM1 each

Flowers RM15/ 30 pieces
Butterfly 60 cent each


Sandra@miabambina said...

oh great...fondant for sale....I like to try to decorate I think it will be fun for indy but I am pretty sucks when comes to decorating cake.
I can bake but not decorate

And if you start the kids class. Indy will be your first student to enroll! Count her in!!! ( and me too)
Actually wanted to ask you about that already but I think you read our mind! hehhe

what a great news for new year!

Fiona said...

Wowwww ... U got ready made fondant for sale!!! Thats good news....hehe

Vienne said...

count me in for the soooo loooking forward for it...