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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Simplicity There Is

Say you loving words with Cupcakes...

Since you can't write anything on your weddingcakes, say it with cupcakes...that what the two loving couple did.

I have finally baked, decorated and delivered it. The cakes that I have always wanted to do or 'create'. It may look simple but it is a challenge to make a stack cake this way, as it is heavy, taller and harder to cover compare to normal tier cake. It is even harder to deliver. extra care must be taken to transport this type of cake, hence the increase in price compare to normal single cakes. Westerner loves simple cakes like these and so do I. It just look expensive, at least for me. ( smile)Not many decorator dare to make this type of cake. When I got married I can't find someone who can make this type of cake. When I started baking, I understand the reasons behind.

It's just simple decorated cake but I like the setting. The stacks, the colour, just the simplicity. I bought the roses all the way from Kundasang and I am glad I did coz initially I plan to make the decoration with Sugar paste flower but may be next assignement ya.Since the wedding theme is red and white, the bright roses colour compiment the cakes nicely. May be it will look nice too with Orchid and Calla Lilly, Don't you think so? Personally this is a new achievement for me in 2009.

I received a text messages saying " The cake is so delicious"..It's our new and improved butter cake. Well, what more I can say... I am just happy.


Sandra@miabambina said...

I love simple wedding cake too. I looks more exclusive and one of the kind specially in Asia where a lot of wedding cakes are too elaborated ( you should see the wedding cake in Jakarta which i think it is bad and too over the top)
I always like the wedding cake with fresh flowers. It is really one of the kind.

Nadzeirra said...

how much u usually charge for this type of cake?

email or call 0168464073 for quote said...

depends on the me and i can give u quote