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Thursday, March 5, 2009

1 month to 1 year..

My baby is 1 year today. We were in KL about a month ago and I thought it would be great to celebrate her birthday with her cousin, Riasri..they are only 40 minutes apart.Shared the same birthday. I was overdue for almost a week and my sil gave birth 2 weeks earlier. How wonderful is that? So Sona and Riasri shared the same birthday..I like this cakes for its beauty. This took 2 hours to draw and paint. It is clear that Nina can draw, unlike me, I am quite bad with drawing but I like painting. I managed to score A1 In my SRP ( equavalent to PMR now) but only managed to get C3 during SPM.I hope you can understand why I normally don't do drawing on my cake but I am looking forward to try something new like this when I have more free time. So, for those of you who are in KL, can look out for her. I met her personally and surprisingly she lives very near to my sister in law house in Cheras. This is the second time I ordered her cake. It was funny, she loves my cakes - I mean my style of decorating and I love hers. May be next time we can learn from one another.

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Min said...

so beautiful..