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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Totally In love with..

2 tier stacked cake..

I must thank Evelyn ( A nice and very easy to work with wedding planner in KK- if you need her number do email me) for asking me to make this cake. Honestly I rather make 2 single tier than 2 tier stacked cake as I am quite afraid to deliver this kind of cake. What happen if it collapse while making it or and how would I delivery it? That was constantly on my mind. So earlier this month, I made this cake for one of Evelyn's bride. It was not as hard as I would have imagined and I was actually awed at how it look in the end. I 've made the same design ( by request) quite a number of time and didn't post them here but I must post this one as the height made it look hmmm..more beautiful? So, all bride out there..order is open for this kind of cake. I appologize if I have declined some of past request..

Will make another one for shirley early next month and the colour choice is pink..I just can't wait!


Sandra@miabambina said...

waaah...when is my turn to order nie!!!

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

u just ordered la..2kg to be eaten by you alone..hope you'll add another 2kg to ur weight..u need it lol