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Sunday, April 5, 2009

5 Tiers Fruit Cakes

It's quite uncommon for bride nowadays to order fruit cakes as their wedding main centre piece. Probably the 80's very sweet taste cakes still linger in their mind- or at least it is for me. My aunt had a five tier fruit cakes as her wedding cakes. The only thing that I remembered was how hard the icing was and how sweet the cakes were. Whenever I suggested fruit cake (even for 1 tier) people always said it is sweet. Fruit cakes are supposed to be sweet but what we have ; sugee fruit cake is less sweet that the old fashion fruit cake .So do try when it's your turn to have your wedding or even anniversaries which fall every year...GRIN.. The best thing about fruit cakes are you can eat it the whole year bit by bit, it taste better if you leave longer.

Okay, let's go back to the main wedding cakes here:

Five 5 tiers fruit cakes was M choice as her wedding cakes.Her wedding was held early last month. She ordered one fruit cake to try during our recent hari raya promotion and loved the cakes. She even sms me to thank how delicious the cakes were. Honestly I am not a real fan of fruit cake but I do love Sugee fruit cakes compared to the normal rich fruit cake. as the texture is better and it's less sweet that the normal fruit cakes. I'm sure you will like it, too you have to as it took me al least 5 hours to prepare your cake - 3 hours of baking and 2 hours of preparatin and decorating so I will make sure the taste worth the time and money spent! (smile)

note: please give at least 1 month ( 2 weeks for 1 single tier) notice if you want to order this cake.

The details - Rose design embossed on all the cakes

At least 50 pieces roses were used to give this cake, simple yet classy cakes to look at..

Note: Photos from The Bride

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