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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pick Your Own Chrismas Cakes and Cupcakes Decor

A) MickeyMinnie R ( round)C, B) MikeyMinnieS( square)C or C) MMcupcakes and D)MMCupcake

E) SnowMan R ( round)C, F) SnowMan( square)C or G)Snowman cupcakes H) SnowMan cupcakes

I) santa R ( round)C, J) santa( square)C or K santa cupake and L) santa cupcake

Note : 2 Flavours - 2kg Choc Mud (RM120) or 2.5kg Carrot Cheese Cake ( RM130)
Cupcakes : 9 pieces large 4 oz ( RM45)

Pick Up : Ewest Damai 12noon 24th December 2009 ( tentative)
Delivery- pls enquire early.

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for the never ending supports in placing your order as early as last month. I will anticipate some time contraints in preparing cakes for christmas/engagement and birthdays which mostly fall on the christmas week , therefore, I will use edible image as for my christmas cakes and cupcakes this year...

Fret not, they are gorgeous and most important, they can be eaten..

You can order by putting the order as your email title as above

(pls note the choice of decoration is on a first come, first serve basis so order fast)


if you want a choc mud cake with a santa clause design on a square cake

your email title is J - mud cake

if it's just too confusing, just email me...

take care and have a jolly christmas 2009 and happy new year 2010.

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cindy said...

Wah.. very tempting lah, Dena! Lemme think about it. :D