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Monday, November 12, 2007

Football Theme Cake

Interested to learn about cake decorating? I am not a pro but I like experimenting and this is all my original work. I do check some pictures but so far I have not copied people's work of art. If you are creative, you want to show it to people and copyrighting is not a way to show off your talent. To find idea yes but when it comes to a real decorating work, your own natural gift,talent or skill will come out.

This is a chocolate cake.

1. Prepare a Ganache and pour it on the cake until everything is covered.

2. Use Krimwell or anything in white (may be white chocolate) to draw the lines

3. Put the goal post

4. Prepare Butter Cream

5. Use a Grass tip (no ) and add the grass where applicable

6. Lastly, put all the football team player

7. If you want to write something, prepare as space and write with tip no.3 with a white colour buttercream

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ryoko_kouru said...

waahhh..... fabulous design cakes... any way i'm a new blogger.... i'm very interesting but still new in this field also... hope we can sharing anything all about cakes...