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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hungry for Pizza?

Pepperoni Pizza ( Little Italy)
Little Italy Pizza ( Turkey Ham)

I am a fan of Pizza. I love Turkey Ham, Hawaiaan Chicken and Masala Chicken at Pizza Hut. I am glad hubby share the same love for Pizza. Little Italy is a must go place every month. In fact we were there last night. I am looking for recipe of thin crust pizza like those two above. It is simple yet delicious.

My own Pizza ( Salami and Vegetarian)

I know to make normal Pizza but if I am lazy, I 'll get the crust at Consfood and just make my own filling, yes,anything I can find inside my fridge. I also love to put a lot of Mozarella Cheese. Look yummy but I don't quite like the thick crust.

California Kitchen Pizza ( Vegetarian)
This is one of California Kicthen Pizza we ordered in Alpharetta Georgia USA. The crust is quite hard. Taste, not as good as Little Italy.

Will do more Pizza sampling in the future.

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