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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Cookies

We had an early order for Christmas cookies and we have to make these yummy cookies last week.
Making ginger bread is not easy as I thought. If it is not done properly, the dough can easily breaks. I have no patience to do this. I rather just eat. Making cheese cookies is easier but in the end you will end up having almost half to keep. It tastes so nice that my nieces keep on asking..aunty, can i have one? and within few minutes, you will hear the one one asking the same question..can i have one? They just love it.



Thanks for visiting my blog....
Its great to know that you have come a long way with cake making ...great ..keep it are very talented and look forward to see your wedding cakes!!

Deana E said...

thanks..i know how to make sugar craft but i need more time to do it..with working and other stuff, i just hope i won't forget my skill..hahaha