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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fast Decorating

If you need to decorate your cake fast, buy those little flowers!! ( Promotion ha ha ha) But it's true..Look with what I have done with it. Check my FOR SALE page

This is my record in decorating cakes. I bake this cake a day earlier for sure. Hubby told me we are attending a farewell party of Ms.Tan as social worker in QEH. He said you just bake a small cake but make sure it's ready by 7pm.

I came from work at 5.30pm, get everything ready by 6.30 pm.

My normal hour of decorating is 2 hours. Normally I do have an idea how to decorate a cake but sometimes when it comes to the moment when you take out your tools, your current imagination will take control and there and then your creation began. I never plan to decorate it this way but given an hour to prepare everything from melting the butter and cheese, this is the result. Simple but nice.I said it 's nice I don't care what other people think..well, all are quite impressed including my hubby's boss. And having those flowers help me A LOT of headache!!!

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