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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Where To get Cupcakes in Malaysia


Cupcakes by deanacakes

For those who are wondering where they can get cupcakes in Malaysia, I will post their link here. I will keep on updating this post and I hope if you have other information or other link, do email to me or add to the comment. Hayy baking! and Happy Eating

1. Sabah - deanacakes

2. Sabah - art-fay

2. KL - Ellie kekcawan

3. KL - Farra funmuffin

4. KL - Azura-heycupcakes

5. KL- Ivy-D'cupcakes

6. Penang- Wenn


ween said...

for penang, they can visit! :) Keep up the good work!

Ivy said...


Thanks again for the mention and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

in Johor Bahru
they can order from here

all the best ya! ;)

Anonymous said...

one more in JB


happy cupcaking! ;)

Jobless Girl said...

Thanks for the info.