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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love Is In The Air...

I enjoyed making all these decoration for valentine's cuppies for all the couples who ordered them from us. I was very surprised with the overwhelming response. Initially we only have two orders. Since my sister is away and I am ' injured' ( i'm in my 38 weeks of pregnancy and i can deliver anytime according to my gynae), we are quite hesitate to take the orders. I consulted my brother if he can make them. He said, sure I can...just take order. So, I just publish a short post and within 24 hours- not even 24 hours I have to close the order. Thank you so much guys. Lucky, I didn't give birth

Here are the pictures of the cuppies I have decorated. This is the first time i decorated more than 300 pieces of cuppies. Wow not bad for a mom to be. I love the cupid very much and i hope they like it too. The embosser cost me USD6.00 bought in New York. So glad I can use it this time.

Cuppies for Amie

Aines order quite a number and requested a vanilla flavour too.
We managed to bake some for her

Donna's cuppies
This girl loves RED!!

Donna and hubby..bob

I forgot who get of them la..I made one set standard with HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY wording and the second one is random design.. so you can see flowers, butterfly and few shape of loves..LOVE IS IN THE AIR...

I received this order around 2.20am from jacq if I am in history!!!

Packed and ready to go...enjoy!!!
Glad your darling WC loved it Jacq...


david santos said...

Good menu, Deana!

Happy Valentin Day!

JACQ said...

Hehe.. yea only stumbled upon your post around 2.20am. Then I straightaway messaged you! Hehe.. And yes, WC loved it so much he couldn't stop eating them! Luckily he gave me some also! I love it too! You'll be getting more orders from me in future! ;)

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

thanks davies

then he is a chocolate lover la tu like hubby. i have some leftovers and brought to office ( if tidak hubby will eat all) person get one pcs and they said mau lagi... bah thanks for the support!

Sue said...

It looks too yummy to eat..

CJane said...

You're making me hungry again!! :D

Anonymous said...

Gosh! They look really good! How do i make an order??

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said... or sms..thanks

KittyCat said...

Wow! I love the pink and red ones you made for "Amie" - you're so talented :-)