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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pick your favourite Mini Cupcakes

For those who are planning to have an engagement or wedding like J, here are some mini cupcakes design for you to choose.

Before you pick the design, decide what is the amount of cupcakes you should order. Let me give you some idea. If you are having just a small hi tea season with four or five of your friends, 25 or 30 pieces of cupcakes will be enough for the five of you. If you are having a small party with family, consider having 50 pieces especially when children are around. My nieces and nephew can easily eat 10 pieces of these mini cupcakes.

If you are having guest to your house for a small party, have more of it. You woundn't want anyone to miss having a bite of the cuppies. I would suggest count or estimate your number of guest and give at least two pieces to each of them and remeber I have not include children here. Children will need at least five cupcakes. So, if you have around 20 to 30 people, get 100 pieces, minimum!

Special Decoration

Suitable for any teenager of children birthday celebration

Fondant deco for a very sweet pink and white wedding theme

Purple is another nice and sweet colour for wedding cupcakes

All the mini cupcakes above are using fondant as a decoration. Fondant is made of icing sugar so it's edible and has nice and sweet taste. Children love them. These minicupcakes are suitable for any occasion even for wedding giveaway or just for a simple party or picnic.

Simple yet create a dramatic and stunning cupcakes for any occasion.
Also suitable as gift

Simple flowers in any colour combination of your choice.
You decide, we deliver

These are made of sugar paste flower. Although they are edible, I won't recommend you to eat them as they are tastless and quite hard. But since the flowers are kind of cute and small, most people just eat them. Will not cause you any harm. Sugar flower looks prettier than fondant but fondant does taste better. Your choice!

Price at RM70 per set of 50 pieces ( 2 boxes of 25 cupcakes- standard decoration 2 pcs small flower of any colours)
Special Decoration at a reasonable price


maslight said...

argh! those cupcakes are making me hungry! i mean seriously!

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

glad you said that..he he

Amy Cynthia said...

yummy cuppies!!!...cant wait for mine tomorrow...teeeeheeee!

Min said...

So pretty cupcakes..I don't think mine is ever as pretty as yours..maybe we can exchange some fondant designs ?

Didi_Luv_U said...

hey Deana,
How would i order cupcakes from u as i'm kindly interested. N what is the price range?
I'm interesred in your special decoration cupcakes as i'm planning to give a surprise for my love one.