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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I am Satisfied!

I love this baby figurine ( I have a baby boy figurine too) and bought it without thinking much. I was thinking of using it for any of my friend's full moon party. Little did I know I will be using it for my own baby's first full moon party. Initially I was thinking of a pink and white theme colour but sister suggested that we add light green. Well, what do you think? This for sure will be my sister next favourite. Look at Miranda's blog. She is getting the same colour theme for Meredith's 9th years old birthday this year. Thank you to dear sister suggestion, the cake turn to look great. My niece asked me ' How did you make those blanket? " So I tried to explain to her how made it. Then I told her " Learn from us so that you can be our helper" She just smiled. I heard some people asked " Is that a real cake or just a decoration" ha ha he I hope it's a compliment.

Sona's Full Moon Party Cake

It's a 2.5kg fruit cake

All Started With An Empty 'Canvas' then it progressed to a beautiful simple garden theme.


swordie said...

How am i going to eat tat cake with the 'baby' napping on it?

And yes, is that real? or just piece of cloth? :P

bZbee said...

punya la to eat????but can be freezed rite???

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

swordie..real ba..can be eaten tu

bzbee..thanks cut and eat ja..sure can be freezed..

shirley said...

Deana... that is so adorable.. i dont think i can eat that.. but.. so so lovely.. i like it.

sunita said...

it's just too cute to eat!!!

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

thanks shirley, thanks sunita..yes, i feel so sad to cut it sohubby helped me and i only managed to get a bite