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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How and What To Choose

Engagement Cupcakes ordered by Sharon

Family Day Cupcakes ordered by Christine
Birthday Cupcakes ordered by Miranda

Cupcakes ordered by Amy

Aunty J asked in her comment what should she pick for her Ethan's birthday, cake or cupcakes. It depends on how big the occasion is. If you order a cake,make sure the sizing is enough to feed your guest. If you ask me, I prefer to have both. I love seeing children standing by the table enjoying looking and waiting to grab the cuppies. Cuppies are a trend now as it's easier to distribute. There is no need to cut and easy to eat as well. Having said that and being traditional, it's good to have a piece of cake for a special birthday celebration. It's presentable and again, it's a tradition to have one. So my sincere advice ( not for the sake of selling) have cake and may be some cupcakes for a special birthday like 1 month old, 1 year old, 16th, 21st and the rest, go for cupcakes.It's the IN thing now. Enjoy our latest cuppies


jj said...

Oh your cupcake decorations are just beautiful! I admire that creative talent, as I am sorely lacking!
The pictures turned out wonderful, too. Anyone would be proud to serve these.

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

thanks jj..i am just a beginner here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deana,
I just wanted you and everyone else in KK to know how much we all enjoyed the beautiful and yummy mud chocolate cake you made for our son, Tiago's 1st Birthday.

Not only was it gorgeous - it was really delicious too.

Eventhough we ordered it at the last minute (a day before the birthday) you made it so easy for us to order the cake, gave us great suggestions AND even delivered the cake to us.. Wow..

So a big, big THANK YOU, Deana.. Can't wait until our next celebration - we will definitely be in touch.

Rui, Rachel & Tiago Santos