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Monday, May 5, 2008


As promised, a friend of us has been given the task to select the winner for our first ever contest held in conjunction with mother's day contest held last two week. We don't dare to select we will select all of you who have submitted your entries. We received few entries and we really thank you for making such effort to promote our cakes and cupcakes. Next time we will just give away some cuppies for all of you. Don't worry, you good deeds will be rewarded in due time. If not by us may be by the Man up there.

Our friend has selected Sandra of Mia Bambina as the official winner. You can view the entry here. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thank You again. She will receive a 2kg carrot cheese cake. p.s Sandra, you can cancel your previous order and invite your friends to help you to eat the 2kg cake.


Joan D'Arcy said...

Wah, sandra... congratulations! Can you finish the 2kg cakes? hehehe.. Take a pix of you & the cake, and blog it! :)

Sandra@miabambina said...

I didn't even know until I saw Celine 's comment!
CANCEL the cuppies? No way
I STILL want that , hehehehe
plus 2 kg cake hihi
I can give the cupcakes for my friend.

THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!