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Monday, May 5, 2008

W & A Anniversary Cupcakes

Valerie ordered three sets of cuppies within two weeks. I think she is so full of cakes now and can't stand the sight of it anymore.ha ha. Thank you sharron for the recommendation. This medium size carrot cheese cupcakes were made for her uncle wedding anniversary. I used pink and green colour theme. Thank you Valerie.


E-Tavasi said... cute.. and sayang pula mahu makan this cake... tp macam sedap :) ajar saya buat cake...:D

Thanks for visit my blog :D

(^_^) Etavasi

Rozz_Lea Rozie Anthony said...

Hi Deana, nice to look at your blog...all the cupcakes look very yummy!!! I will definitely place an order soon...:)

Val Aziz said...

Hi Deana (my cousin also named Deanna)..the cuppies were a hit! We came fashionably late so the cuppies made a grand entrance. The anniversary couple even did the arms entwined thingy while eating the cupcakes..mcm masa wedding day dulu..the cake was just a tad dry.

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

thanks all..

rozz..boleh ba if ngam schedule

val- wow, ya ka..glad to hear that..