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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crazy about Flip Flops!

Who? me or the birthday girl? I am not sure but I think both of us are!

One of my Favourite!

1st Aug - Pink Flip flop
2nd Aug - Red Flip flop
3nd Aug- White Flip Flop...

Here goes my one month flip flops...hope all the men on earth will understand why we just love shoee,sandals or flip flops

Have you ever wish you can wear a different sandal or flip flop every day. Here you are. Presenting to you 30 pairs of flip flops for your daily use. I don't mind having all these flip flops for myself. I love the colour, I love the design and I hope you love it too. Those were made especially for birthday girl Elaine. Hope she had a blast during her birthday!


ElainE said...

Hey deanna.. I loved the flip flops and all my friends who had em loved it too.. I was hoping there would be nice icing on it but hey.. everybody loved em' :)

Oh yea... maybe for future celebrations of any kind... hopefully you would be designing High heels? hahahahaha I bet all the ladies would go mad over them! lol...

Thanks once again! :)

chegu carol said...

oh deana....i must book u in advance for my dec bday...tia puas hati, mau lagi shoe bday cake...this time mau yg colorful instead of just plain chocolate brown color. :)

izanazuani said...

omg! u've done nice bake work