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Friday, September 26, 2008

2 in 1 Celebrations

Ben, an old friend of us ordered this cake for his son's full moon and his nephew 1 year old celebration.

Note: Spelling corrected the next morning as I slept at almost 2am to decorate this cake. Smile

If you have a 2 in 1 celebrations, it's NO SWEAT, we can help you to decorate it accordingly..3 in 1?? ( scratching head...)


Cath Jimai said...

Hi Deena.. Yes I am in Kajang..You doing very well.. I am on the stage of learning too...Happy caking!affad

Anonymous said...

halloo deana...this cake brapa RM? and brapa KG?

email or call 0168464073 for quote said...'s 2.5kg + RM150 above depending on what flavour of cake u want

Anonymous said...

Hi Deanna...I love your cakes very much.where did you purchase those cuties baby figurine?any mold you used to make it?actually I'm dying to find silicone baby press mold which sell in Malaysia. Thank you and hopefully you can help m to settle this problem.