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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Princess ( es) Indy &Maya

So sorry for the late updates. Been busy with my other website. I will annouce soon ya.

Back to cakes storeis.

This princess made way to TATU CAFE STAR last sunday. 14th September. ( It was delayed as I was waiting for nice picture of the cake). Sandra sent me a pictures but i just can't rotate it so I asked for Joyce and here it is. Thanks both of you. I think Benny has a better pictures of the cake..hehe ( edited one ? hmm..) Can buy kah Benny? Well, I'll post whatever I have for now.

It was a specially made for Indy and Maya double celebrations.

Look at the two girls... They just can't take their eyes from the cake

Princess arrived at STAR on time but it took her about 15 minutes just to reach TATU CAFE which is just a stair case away from the lobby. The reason was, this princess can't go down and run on the stair. It was carried by the familiar baggage trolley, took a lift, when to the kicthen then to the venue. It was quite a long journey. But don't worry, she is properly wrapped with a transparent plastic.

Sandra also ordered 50 pieces of these cuppies as favor. Too bad we were rushing and didn't manage to get it..hehehe but seeing the princess cake brought in followed by a happy birthday song enough to make me understand and feel the joy a cake can bring to a child or children. Maya might not understand and can't even remember but I am sure Sandra will show her this cake when she is older.
We left at 2pm as I have to attend my baby's baptism preparatory talk but the memories still linger. It was a wonderful, very well organised party. She even took the trouble to send the menu and let her guest chose or pre-order. Thanks Sandra. I think you need to rest from eating cakes or cupcakes. August and September are definitely your months of stuffing yourseft with cakes. Next she will fast and loose some weight, hahaha till someone is good enough to invite her to eat more cakes. Well, who will that person be?

1 comment:

Sandra@miabambina said...

Thanks to you Deana and Faye
for making my girls' dream come true ( at least Indy's as Maya is still to young, She doesn't care the shape of the cakes yet, as long as there is cream she will leak it clean)
And it is also my dream to have barbie cake as my dd b'day!
It is an art ! you guys are so talented!