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Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Time To Race!

I am so sorry for not uploading these pictures. I received an email from Sunita a while a go and I know I have to post this.( smile). The carrot cheese cake ordered by Sunita for Nishen't birthday on The 3rd September. She also ordered cupcakes for Nishen't classmates and teachers. I just can't wait to do the same for Sona in the future ( may be in 2-3 years hmmm). I hope the kids are happy to have the cupcakes. I have no doubt about the cupcakes because my nieces and nephew are nuts about it so I think other kids will sure like it too. I have receive sincere compliments from nice people ( just to name a few as the list is endless ) like Sandra, Celine, Charish, Susan, Sunita, Romina, Even Wei Chuen who called me to compliment my cupcakes! I think it is time that I put my doubt away. For those who doesn't pay ( yes, there are people like this in this world), thanks for the order. I have received compliment from dear Hubby (before I started selling my cakes ) as hubby is quite particular about food and he gives honest comment for me to improve. When he said my carrot cheese cake taste better than Secret Recipe, that gives me all the drives to bake more and have confident to bake for family and friends. But pity him as I can't even remember when was the last time he ate these particular cake.

Another small car for Nishen. My brother loves the big car I bought for Nishen. If it's not for the cake he has bought it from me hahaha.

I wanted to leave a comment on your cakes blog but
didn't know where to put it.....
Oh my God!!!....the cake was absolutely delicious. I
have never tasted a better carrot cake before, and you
were very generous with the cream cheese frosting
which made it all the more yummy. My friends can't
stop talking about it. My hubby came back home from
work the next day abd had a big bowl of cake for
lunch! If only i didn't have to count calories, I
would have ordered another cake! I will however be
placing a big order in November as it is my husband's
and dd birthday month. Love that teddy bear cake you
made. Maybe will order that. Can't wait for sunday
(Sandra's daughters' party) to have your cake!

Note: I put the comment here la Sunita..Thanks for the lovely email. You all are the reason I still bake.

Since the title is about racing, I made both racing theme cakes to appear here. This cake was baked for Leo. Leo is Shana's bf then but now they are officially engaged. When is the big day moi? It took me at least five trips to town and nearby shops to look for Shana's or Leo's scooter. I bought two racing motorbikes but then I realized that Leo is so into Scooter and even double check with Shana ( of Reality Checks). Took me another trip. to the store .I bought a larger scooter but when I brought it home and checked her text messages, again I realized I bought the wrong one. She wanted black and I bought RED..may be because I kind of like the striking colour( my mistake) . So, I went again but they do not have black colour of the same kind. It was larger than this one so Leo has to get a smaller scooter but in BLACK colour. Where are all the bike and scooter? Given to my nephew who was so happy to dismantle and play with them ha ha. By the way, it's the same cake like Nishen's but covered with fondant icing.


Sandra@miabambina said...

wah Sunita made compliment bawa nama I pulak! LOL
Glad that I ordered the big cake...if not...sure not enuf oh...
All turned to shark when it is your cake! LOL
oh and of course they can still enjoy the cuppies at home! erhmm but I don't think so...the kids will eat that first ........

aiks...never enuf....

Taty said...

wahhhh sounds like so many cakes and cuppies that Sandra order!! hehehe

btw, I am looking at your cake with Irfan and he is begging me that car!! Pingsan! LOL

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

Ha ha are so famous ba sandra..and everyone is looking forward to that party..hehehe ya the cuppies for the kids ja ha but those who bring little baby can eat the cuppies..hehe

taty..aug and sept is sandra's month..then she will puasa cake until pingsan ( omg I think i got the pingsan word from all of you)

Shana said...

now i can comment!heheh we love your carrot cake!so delicious!! leo and the rest of the family love your cake!oh and sorry for making you jalan here and there just to get the scooter ..heheh but leo love it so much! he was so surprised bah the cake got scooter on it hehehe..thank you so much deana!

Sandra@miabambina said... Sept order is not done yet!
be ready Deana and Faye....
then comes October...

sunita said...

your hubby is definitely correct by saying that your carrot cake is better than secret recipe's. Today my friend ajak me to secret recipe and I said NO because after tasting yours tak shock anymore to eat other cakes....any chance you will open a cake shop/cafe (hee hee)
Oh, and Sandra, maybe you should give me a seat the furthest from the birthday cake, just to be on the safe side....LOL

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

hi Shana..hahaha..ya hubby also heran why i buy so to untung he said..that is my problem i don't have baby boy pun but my house got quite a number of toys already haha..glad Leo likes it. Now i know the secret to man's heart..stuff him with his favourite all pandai la read between the lines ya.

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

ya ba..Sandra is sure the queen of cakes..and queen of shopping..

really sunita? give me tooooo much credit la..too bad i have to leave early yesterday, otherwise would have enjoyed eating cakes with all of you..when is the next gathering ha?