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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Princess Cakes Marathon

Princesses was HOT HOT HOT and now I wish my baby is big enough to appreciate a princess cake. I don't think I need to explain why those little girls love princess cake so much. I have lost count how many princess cakes we have baked and created but one thing for sure, no girl receive the same princess.It's your princess and it's for you to treasure. Even my cousin who is in her twenties wish to have a princess cake for her birthday. Enjoy girls!!!


Sandra@miabambina said...

Wow, you must have tons of creativity! see those dresses! you can be a real princess dresses designer!!!!
love the color combination, the top, the skirt, the hat!!!

Jewelle said...

Deana if only you guys can make cakes here! I had to make do with icing stickers of the Princesses for my daughters' cake this month cos the baker can't promise to draw accurate pictures of the princess.

Mira said...

Your creations are so beautiful! Very creative. Happy weekend ;-)

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allthingspurple said...

If KImberly saw these, I would be a goner. She would spend endless hours choosing the dolls depending on which gown she likes

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

thanks guys..most created by my sister faye and we are grooming our little niece fact i have seen her talent much earlier, 4 years ago when she design her own flower girl dress..she made 5 top for her birhday cake's and finally picked the simplest of all coz it looked sexy!lol

Thanks sandra and mira

jewelle..may be next time have their party in kk hahaha

christene, kimberly or Ashley had hers right..i saw that.

KittyCat said...

OMG, you're soooo talented! All thumbs myself, I really admire those who are good in arts and crafts :)


James said...

Stunning - and what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

wat shud i do if want to make some order?rply asap pliss..huhu...tq