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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Farah booked me to make her handbag hantaran cake few months in advance. I have never make any handbag cake before and I know it's a challenge to make one. I told her to give me a design. She gave me LV bag...of all Then I asked her if she really like the design. She then told me that any bag will do as later on confessed that she is not a fan of LV bag. I do like to make LV bag but I have limited time as I have few school holidays order and two wedding order. I wouldn't dare to try a new project with the time that I have. Farah is kind enough to let me change the design in case I can't make it. I just told her the truth that I have never make one but I will try.

So I made her a Chanel bag. Done is two hours. Thanks Farah..


Sandra@miabambina said...


Sandra@miabambina said...

oh and how cute can it be to have a LV bag cake and cupcakes with mini lv logo or mini bag as goodybag?