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Monday, March 2, 2009

Are You Gerrard?

Steven Gerrard ( I hope I got this picture right- I am not a football fan you know..)

This is funny...

I told my delivery boy to send this cake to one of the travel agency near town. He asked me " Untul Siapa?" I said, " Cari saja Gerrard" Of course I gave him the right address and the phone number.

Mid afternoon I received a call from him " Tiada orang nama Gerrard di sini"

I relied " Ha..ada lelaki kerja sana? " ..He answered " Ada, Satu orang saja lelaki". I continued to ask " Have you asked him if his name is Gerrard?.." Ya, tapi nama dia bukan Gerrard, name dia ....E..( not real name to protect privacy) Came his answer. Then I asked him to pass the phone to the man.

"Hello.. Is your birthday today" He answered : Yes..Do you know ...L? from KL...He replied " Yes"..Then I confidently said " The cake is for you..L ordered it especially for you.. He excitedly said Oh.. and Thank You..

I quickly told L about it and I think she had a good laugh..

Steven Gerrard is actually Liverpool's star player. Initially L wanted to put her bf name on the cake ( I didn't know which one is her bf's name, the first one or the second name which is Gerrard. In the end L decided to put Gerrard which I thought is his ( her bf) first or second name..Well, as long as I got the order right, the delivery place right and the date right, I think I passed the cake to the right person..ha ha

Btw, L loves the cake and because of the mixed up I have to post the pictures L..

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