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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For a son and a Dad

From a dad and a son....


Before I forget, let's look at last week's cakes..I think I really need to set a day to upload pictures for this blogs otherwise it will look so dull. Julian really into challenging me to do more 3D cakes. (grin) His first order was a 1 year old cake for his son, Raelan who turned 1 year old on the 16th April 2009. He and his wife Morin wanted a Mickey Mouse theme but wanted to have pocoyo and Tigger on the cake too. I kind of understand as those are all TV characted and are his son's favourite characters. I wanted to do a big picture of Mickey Mouse but the face look quite fierce so after much thought I decided to use the smaller cutter of Mickey mouse and add two Pocoyo faces on it. Sorry Raelan, aunty didn't manage to make Tigger for you this time. While we were 'smsing' about the cake, Julian already told me his next and next cake order and he said he wanted a WWE cake for his dad. My mind went blank. I can imagine man with big muscle and I am clueless how to make them, the muscle I mean. I was hoping that I can get the figurines as making them will really consume lots of time and I am not ready to venture into it given the limited time that I have ( I have other cakes to decorate too) . Thank God, while I was out for lunch, I managed to get the figurines of John Cena and Triple H from one of a toy shop. I asked the girl if the figurines are real WWE wrestler or they are simply nobody, just a figurine who happened to have big muscles. She said, yes they are but only certain wrestlers are here she added " Yang kau pegang tu paling kuat dan famous juga" and she's refering to John Cena. She then asked me to change another one to Tripple H. I have taken Tripple H earlier but when I looked that he is having his shirt on, I put him back inside the window display otherwise I have taken both strong wrestler while having zero knowledge about WWE. When I have more time ( and I am not sure when will this be...hehe) I am sure will take time to do the figurine of WWE star. Who should I start? Give me the easiest face to shape..

Father's day is around the corner. Thinking about giving this cake to your dad? Just make sure you tell me who is his favourite WWE star ok..


Sandra@miabambina said...

hahahah the wrestler cake is so cute! ahah 2 muscular men fight on the cake!! very creative!!!

Michelle said...

Wow.. the 1 yr old cake is really colourful. I can't wait to see my princess cake on 13 June. :P

Julian said...

Blogged about this cake as well :)

Yes, more cakes coming your way... fancy to do a blackberry smartphone cake??? heheheh