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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exploring Dora

I always wonder how people can make dresses, make bags, shoes etc etc which I can't do. Have you ever wonder how people decorate cakes? I did and still do until now. It's an art and not that easy I have to admit. There are many style of decoration. I happened to meet Nina who is very good at drawing on a cake and 'painting' the cake beautifully. I ordered her cake for my daughter 1 month to 1 year cake which we celebrated in KL early this year. To my surprised, she told me she loves my work and also my blog. It was funny as I too love her creativity. It is just obvious that we have different style of decorating. She told me she needs at least 2 hours to decorate her cake or her type of decoration. Mind you,two hours just for decorating and not preparing the icing, the colour, washing etc etc. Since I am in this line too, I understand that when I pay for her cake, it's not just the cake, it's for the artwork too.

So last sunday I did her type of decorating, half way. Tara told me her dd love Dora the explorer and asked if I can make a Dora cake. I told her I will try. I know I need to either buy a figurine, draw a Dora or make a Dora with fondant. I have 3 choices. I wanted to try drawing but since every week I have cake to decorate and by the time I finished I am alread tired, I could not find time to practise. What I did, made Dora with fondant,prepared the background and decorated the background with flowers and butterflies. Tara told me they like the butter cake and Kendra loves her Dora. She wanted another Dora cake .Well, next year I will sure make her a better Dora and this time together with the monkey. This reminded me of Nina text messages to me when I ordered her cake " You nak monkey or not? if nak Monkey, tambah RM10"...hahaha

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