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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day Giveaway - edited

I hope it's not too late to have a mother's day giveway.We do appreaciate your support.

1kg super delicous special fruit cake
( Covered with Fondant Icing) worth RM120

What you need to do:

1. Make a positive comment on/about this blog

2. If you have a blog, make an entry and link this blog ( you can write anything in your blog, even if you have not order any cake from here you are eligible, as long as there is a link to this blog or

Note: If some of you have made an any kind of promotion for this blog in the past I'll count you in. Please/Just let me know your post url.

3. email to me your blog url

4. Wait for the announcement.

Bloggers who are eligible:

1.Amy Cynthia
2. Ethel
3.Celine Daya
4. Chegu Carol
5. Caroline Maurice
6. Julian Wong
7. Jacquelin Ajuni
8. Jessica Pun Yin
9. Joyce Siambun
10. Joyce Tuining
11. Sandra Rocco
12. Susan Pudin
13. Sharon Spiji
14. Shemah
15. Shirley Fidelis
16. Siti Badrah
17. Samantha

If I have miss your name please email me.

25 pcs mini chocolate Cupcakes
worth RM45

Anyone who has ordered more than twice will be eligible for the giveaway. I'll check my order list/emails and will inform you if you win

Some of the names:


2. Aini
3. Amy Cynthia
4. Celine Daya
5. Caroline Maurice
6. Christine Jongiji
7. Jessica Pun Yin
8.Joyce Siambun
9. Joanne
10. Julian Wong
11. Dr. Liza ( Papar)
12. Linda Pudin
14. Miranda
15. Mimi M
16. Mimi H
17. Tanya
18. Theresa Kim
19. Lily Yong

20. Sandra Rocco
21. Dr. Sunita
22. Sharon Spiji
23. Susan Pudin
24.Shirley Fidelis
25.Siti Nurafif
26.Siti Badrah
28.Rachel Cletus

29.Romina E
30.Vivien Lim
31. Valerie
32. Anna C

If your name is not in the list please email me and i'll add you in. latest by friday 10am.
Results will be out on Friday 11pm.

Pick up only or delivery at RM10 ya..
So you have 5 days to try your luck to get this special fruit cake for your mother or just for your own indulgence!


Anonymous said...

the blog is like a portable cake house,u can order anytime , anywhere and the most wonderful thing of all is that ur imagination can be mould and baked into a dream come true cake!never fail to make both children and adult smile!!

sylee said...

Looking for the perfect way to say "Congratulations, "Happy Birthday," "You're the Best Boss," or "I Love You?" Say it With a Cake! It's simple, you tell Deana the size cake, flavor and the design that you want.

Sandra@miabambina said...

HAH! what do you think? I wont miss this contest for sure! hhahaha
Being a fan of cakes and free cake!
Count me in!

Kimora said...

(^_^) done

Baby Signs® Program With Ethel said...

Hi.. juz wanted to share by comments :


deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

Anon..pls email me your name so that i can include you in

sylee,sandre,kimora ( siti)ethel, thank you for your entry

Carolyn said...

Deana thanks for counting me in too with the rest kio..ok i shall try my luck for this year Mother's Day..Good Luck to me! hehe..

Anonymous said...

I really love and enjoy everytime you create new designs. Be it for kids or adults, you make everyone smile :-)
and wow!!! What I like most about your blog is that you share everyone's special moments with your creativity. We love your work as much as you enjoy it.

Anna Chua