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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CD ( Cloth Diaper) On A Cake

Please don't change your's not that you have clicked a wrong website. This is not a website that sells CDs ( Cloth Diaper) ( But the ownner of this site does use CD and strongly recommend the use of CDs). Those items were use in my recent cake project. In fact when I brought them to my working station, my helper gave me a puzzle look. " Mau buat apa tu?" Mau Cuci" ( when she just washed them) Then I smiled and told her that I am making blanket and CD for a mummy who is addicted to cloth diapers. Then she gave me a long OOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhh

It was fun making those cute CDs. In fact it was even fun to watch Children drooling over them and even ate them. I saw with my own eyes three teenagers took the CD, held them for a while, went into the house, came out, still holding the CDs and ate them. It's not that it can't be's just in real thing it is actually a diaper( if you know what i mean hehe). Well, thanks to osindak who gave me a new task to make those CDs.. Mommies who use Cds can easily noticed the cow print and the 1 size that I used. Tessa's mummy kept the baby for Tessa. I could hear the children asking around if the baby can be eaten. If yes, I am not sure if the baby survive a minute because as soon as the birthday song is over, the cake look so empty..all Cds, bottles were gone in seconds. Lesson learned, next time I'll make more ya kids. I didn't know all of you also love CDs like Tessa's mummy.( wink)

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Joan D'Arcy said...

Wow.. this is gorgeous!!! =) nanti I have my 3rd baby (naaaaaaaaaaantiiiiiii), i want for her full moon! ahahahahah

p/s lama i didnt check ur site! so many yummy cakes!