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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fish oh fish..

Fishes : We swim and swim and swim

I baked Nigel's full moon cake and without realising, it's already his 2nd birthday. People says time flies very fast and I agree with that. This was quite a last minute, but since Pam said she wanted cake with fish design, I agree to accept her order. All fhe fishes are made by hand. and of course edible including the brown and black stones.( I wonder who ate them hahaha) Glad that Nigel love and even ate the fishes.

Fishes : Finally we found ourself at Windbell Tg. Aru

From Nigel's mom,Pam:

We all LOVE the cake.. especially my Nigel.. he and my niece la ate the fishes.. nice.. i tried it also.he was so happy the moment he saw the cake. He was like "Fishh .. fishh.." Thanks dena..Next one will be my Nyra's 1st bday.. in Nov.will sms/email u for her cake design :)

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