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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Lady who heart Polka Dots

Minky Blanket for Toddler ( Anniesen)

Shirley posted this blanket at her fb page and some people thought it's a cake. Since this lady adores polka dots so much ( just look at what she shopped from Pink Apple Design - Link at the right hand side of this blog ) I plan to make her a polka dots cake. The above colour is just beautiful but she asked for a red, pink and white theme full moon cake which is just as nice as the above theme colour.

Wetbags to store diapers and dirty cloths
and here is the cake with polka dots pink and white blanket..and a special request, a pacifier..

I know shirley ( and many know who you are -grin) from the world of blogging. I baked and decorated her first born cake just a year ( or is it two years ago?) I just could not remember as looking at her last month, she looked very grown up. This is her when is was three years old. She is about to be four years old..hmm, it was just a year ago.

Recently shirley was blessed with another baby girl and she named her as above. She is such small girl compared to my boy. My boy is only two months old but he look so huge next to Abbie. I love this cake and cant wait to make more full moon cakes in the future...

Next...a topsy turvy first and took me more than four hours just to decorate.
Im working on the details on the next class 18th and 24th ( tentative dates) who are interested to attend the class on that date pls email and i'll give you the details asap) seats as most are hands on.

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