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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wow, I did it!

This is how the story begins.. To make a topsy turvy need a 5-6 inches cake ( hence the 2 pcs of 3 inches cake)

You need to cut the top and around of the cakes - I didnt cut a lot of the side- I should have cut more so that the cake will really look like an upside down cone but so sayang to cut it.

I owe a big thank you to Michelle for asking me to make this cake. When I received her order of a 3 tiers topsy turvy cakes, I turned her down. I have no idea how to make this kind of cake. I told her I'll get back to her and still after looking at youtube, I am still scared. The reasons, I need to bake at least 6 cakes to make a 3 tier cakes. That is a lot of cakes and require a lot of time and I have never ever done or even think of baking this type of cake. What if the cake didnt turn out the way it supposed to be and I have to bake again...hmm.( This is what happened in a baker & decorator mind you guys..)

She finally emailed to me a different design of a 2 tier cakes. I said ok...lega a bit

The day of decorating arrive and I have no idea where I get the courage to cut the cake 'senget'- that is the term my maid use when she saw me cut the cake. She even asked, " kenapa orang ini mau buat kek macam ini?" ..there 's lots of cutting and my maid is lucky as she can eat and bring home the crumbs..( she should thank Michelle for it)..

After almost 5 hours, I started at 1.30pm and finished at 6pm - of course in between I did take a rest, sip a glass of coffee and updating my FB status..hehehe, I can proudly said, I did have an experience decorating a topsy turvy cake. This is way from perfect, ya I know but I tried!
Here to you Michelle and baby Micah - he is such an adorable baby with his cute glass. Sorry Michelle I wanted to make the glass but I was so tired and can only make the turtle.

I brought the cake to my parents house for Michele's husband to collect and have to rush again to buy ingredient for the next cake. Looking at the cake my niece asked " Kek apa nie? ", My brother also asked " Diaorang memang minta kek macam ini ka?". I just hope that her guest knows what a topsy turvy cake is..sengaja kasih senget punya kek hahaha

Michelle told me the cake was a hit and very sedap..This baker can sleep well now and who is NEXT for a TOPSY TURVY?

Michelle: We would like to thank you for doing a fabulous job with Micah's 1st Birthday Cake! It was beautiful and tasted absolutely amazing! It really was a big hit. EVERYONE asked me who baked Micah's cake :) I've already recommended you to some friends and family. Now I can't wait for the next occasion so I can order another cake from you!

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