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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowy Christmas

How I wish we can have snow in sabah..

well, it's quite impossible to have snow in KK but we can always create snow on a cake..that was our christmas theme cake this year..all snowmen and all of them arrived at their place safely. One landed in Tawau, one in Miri, the rest are scattered in Kuala Penyu and Penampang..Thank you for those who has placed their order this year. Hope all of you enjoyed your fruit cakes and choc cakes- I just received a text from Mia in Miri and she said the fruit cake was delicious. Mich and Janet also loved their chocolate cake. Well, till me meet again ( glad I managed to meet Lilly and Janet's mom in between baking to deliver their cakes) (to those I can 't meet may be next time )next year, have a merry christmas and a happy new year..

I am one of the most lucky- I travelled by plane all the way to tawau..

note : I didnt manage to snap picture of all the cakes but if you have yours, please email them to me. My camera 's life is ending hence the blury image.will need new camera this year, hope santa will bring it for me :-)


Anonymous said...

Sorry..too excited to eat it until we forgot to take a photo..maybe next year?


Freight Audit said...

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