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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cornelly Design

Cornelly design is easy to do, Just pick any tip number 1-3 depending on how big the design you are interested in. Put in your butter icing or royal icing and you are set to go. It's just writing non stop C or S over and over again. Practise on a board before you put your hand unto the cakes. Rubbing off design is quite hard to do and the after effect is quite messy. So, have a steady hand
when you are making this design. It's not hard neither it's easy. Practice make perfect so do some practice before designing your cakes.

I normally use this design for cakes that has no theme. I mean any cake order that does not specify the occassion. Having said that, this is a good design for any pot luck, house warming party or if you intend to give it away for any occasion like baby shower or birthday parties.

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