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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Road Trip Vacation

Diplomat Hotel Stockholm

I dream of vacations. Even right now when I can’t travel by air. May be driving will be fine with me. The idea about driving in Scandinavian Countries or in New Zealand has been on my mind for as long as I can remember. The best part about driving vacation are I can stop anywhere I like, spend sometime to enjoy the place, savour nice food and get to know the people.Road trips are the best vacation for me.
Swedish Food
I was at Stockholm’s Airport twice last year. Just transiting from Kuala Lumpur to New York. I have made initial plan to spend at least two days in Sweden but having a meeting just after my US trip made me to cancel my whole plan to stay in the beautiful Scandinavians countries. Never mind, I am going back and I am more prepared this time. Why not? I have found a great website where I can find everything that I need. Hotels in all the places that I plan to drive to. They even have a last minute deals for traveller like me. It’s so easy to find hotel in Sweden, just visit Sweden hotels. If you can’t find any good hotel that you like,just hop to Stockholm hotels. if you are extending your stay to Norway, check this site for good deals Norway hotels and Oslo hotels. Just some important information for you if you decide to go to Norway in Winter; Some roads in Norway are closed during winter season but the main mountain crossings are intended to stay open throughout the cold season. It is always best to check this before going on any longer trips or crossing the mountains as the road closures vary depending on the weather conditions. For further information, please contact the Road User Information Centre. When in Norway simply call 175 (+47 815 48 991 from abroad). The service is open 24 hours.

Swedish Bakery

While on my driving vacation, I plan to stop by at as many bakery I can find and sample their best cakes. I would love to find some decoration tools or may be some idea how the swedish decorate thier cakes.I think I will make this road trip vacation in two years time. I need to save some money first. So,I am hoping for more business from my cakes.

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Carolyn said...

Hi Deana...i enjoyed reading your blog and love to see you lovely cakes..

I saw your post that you wanna come to Sweden...well I've told faye that if one day she or you guys manage to come to Sweden guys can contact me. Faye knows my email add...and for your info,Swedish likes to eat Princess Cake. You can check this site,,s2vq,00.html or you can go to google and search for Swedish Princess Cake. If you manage to go to Ikea in KL..i saw they have sell it there (frozen). Fresh one is much much better. Best of Luck with you cakecup bizness. Online cake business is a good idea i think! go for it....