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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Cake and Cupcake Decorations

Handbags for those who are crazy about them. I know sandra does. hehehe

Mother's day was just over but I think we should regards mother's day everyday. Anyway I am glad that there is a special day to remember all mothers out there how wonderful they are. And herewith are our special mother's day decorations. Hope you love is as much as we do when we made them. Yea..handmade my me and my sister.

Flip Flop
They are so cute but took a longer time to make

My sister and I took a week break from decorating to prepare all these for the upcoming ( by the time I post this, I should be over) Mother's day. What do you think? I have few decoration ideas but since we enjoyed making these so much and we have orders from different people, so we decide that this will be the theme for our cakes and cupcakes design for 2008. Mind you, they are so cute and suitable for any ladies's cake and cupcakes decorations. We won't limit them just for mother's day.

For those who ordered our cakes you have got them on top of your cake

Do you own one?


Sandra@miabambina said...

DEANAAA u posted this make me LAPAR again laaaaaaaaa

btw thanks so much to make many moms' mothers day is brighter!

When I saw the bags, I said yes! bags! LOL my fave thing!
and oh I actually examined the flip flop. , it has dotted details!

And before I put the flip flop in my mouth I actually feel bad for you and Faye...
i said sorry faye sorry deana, but I must eat this flip flop....I know it is hard to make!
so delicate!

Btw LOVE the carrot cake SOOOOO MUCH! SERIOUSLY!!!!!
I want THAT for my bday
I know what to do , I will "accidentally " left your name card inside my dh 's wallet.
so he (hopefully) will got the HINT!
( I must pray hard la he will understand , WHAT I WANT!)

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

thank you you really a good cake eater. lucky my cousin asked me to bake for her too ( that is her fav cake too and i have to bake for her everytime she comes home as a welcome home cake) so me and faye managed to tumpang eating her cake hahaha..

hey, men are quite dungu sometimes- they don' get hint..have to be direct to them hahaha

Joan D'Arcy said...

Hahaha!!! I love ur carrot cake too deana! U know, the minute I arrived home with the soufle, my ds odi kurik the soufle and ate most of the cheese cream... Habis all the cute bags and fipflops he makan.. only left the cake! Huhhu!! S, terpaksa the mother makan the left-over (excuse to over indulge myself! hhahaha!) Nasib I tpuk the lettering ones for Mom's Day!

deanacakes-kk Sabah,Malaysia said...

ha ha ha celine..look like everyone is 'fighting' with the hubby for the cakes..

Kelvin said...

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