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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who doesn't love this Cake?

Calling children who love animals..

Rachel called me few days before her son's Tiago birthday to order a number 1 cake. I didn't get a confirmation until a day before the birthday..It was really last minute but since she had called earlier, I still accept the order. When the husband ( who made the final confirmation ) told me that I can do anything with my imagination, I feel happy..I wanted to do something that will interest a 1 year old. It's kind of easy as I have a 1 year old baby. She loves it, dogs, cats, mouse.It is just that I am not very sure I can make animal figurines. It idea came at 11pm while waiting for the mud cake to cool down..made the animals head ( for now head only la..hehe) and finished everything at 1am..phew..

The next morning, I opened the box and showed Sona the cake s he can easilyrecognised the animals and wanted to grab the doggie. I have no delivery boy or man around so I arranged for my maid to take an early leave, I normally send her at 5pm. We sent her to Penampang and send the cake to Tiago house in Sugud..

Few days later Rachel called and told me they love the cake and Tiago still kept the dog..who ate the rest? You can read Rachel's comment. Thank you too. It's a pleasure to 'participate' in his 1 year old birthday celebration..Next..It's my girl 1 year old birthday..

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